The Azazie Experience Details!

Why Azazie?

Their gowns have always caught our eye and we have recommended them often for our brides based on positive experiences and great prices… what we are ALL about! Well… we can now help service your AZAZIE needs since we have officially become an affiliate of their line! Online ordering is easy yes…. but sometimes you feel like you miss out on that “Bridesmaids Day Out!” Well… we can change that! You still get to order online, but you have assistance with measuring, ordering and a boutique all to yourself to celebrate the bridesmaids! How cool!? 

What is the Azazie Bridesmaids Experience at Champagne Taste Bridal?

This $149 package includes: 

  • Up to 3 bridesmaid samples for trying on — must book 2 weeks in advance to guarantee delivery (colors and sizes may vary). 
  • An additional set of 3 gowns can be added for $35
  • Color Swatches for viewing various colors (gown sample sizes and colors may vary)
  • Weekday or Sunday appointments only. 
  • Light Hors D’oeuvres. 
  • A Glass of Champagne per Guest (up to 15 guests). 
  • A Bridesmaid Boutique Experience. 
  • Your Choice of Music per Google Home. 
  • Fun Props for Photos. 
  • A Magazine Style “I Said Yes” Wall for Photos. 
  • Professional Measurements. 
  • Professional Assistance in Ordering Your Gown. (Gowns are ordered direct through Azazie and require additional funding)
  •  Complimentary Gown Pick-Up Day Option (ship direct to the store for pick-up and reveal). 

Not interested in a full package? No Problem!
It is just $25 per person to be measured and we can still help with ordering during your measurement appointment!

Disclaimer: Champagne Taste Bridal cannot however be responsible for the quality, styling, sizing, fit, delivery times or other factors that are directly a relation to the production of the Azazie company. We are not an employee only an affiliate and affiliate links, coupons and codes may be used at the time of sale. There are no refunds on the bridesmaid appointment payment, even if you decide not to pursue Azazie gowns. This is a unique CHAMPAGNE TASTE BRIDAL offering and has no direct connection to Azazie. We are acting as a location to host your bridesmaids to order gowns through Azazie directly. There is no cash value or applicable discounts. Gowns are non-transferable and priced per Azazie website guidelines at the time of sale. We are not responsible for missed coupon codes, new sales, post sale discounts and other factors that could change the gown price after the day of sale. Non Bridal Party Experience Measurements for Azazie orders are $25 per person. Please ensure the bridesmaid is prepared to make her bridesmaid dress purchase at the time of the appointment! This experience package and additional bridesmaid samples are + MD state tax. The actual bridesmaid gowns purchased through the Azazie website are gown price + shipping + tax (per Azazie website).