Cancellation Policy

PLEASE be sure to cancel your appointment if you have already found a gown or cannot make your appointment by using the cancellation link at the bottom of the booking confirmation email. We are a smaller boutique and can only accept so many appointments in a day and sadly last minute cancellations impact us significantly. We understand things come up or you may find a gown unexpectedly (which we LOVE that you found the perfect gown), we just ask that if you no longer can make your appointment please be sure to cancel it. 

Unfortunately due to an increase of no-shows and less than 24/48 hour cancellations we will have to enforce a new cancellation policy as follows beginning January 1st, 2022: 

If a bride schedules an appointment fails to cancel within 48 hours of their upcoming appointment and/or no call / no show on the day of there will be a $50 BOOKING FEE to reschedule a new appointment in the future (no charge for canceling, but if you choose to rebook with us the NEW APPOINTMENT will incur a booking fee to ensure that one is kept). This $50 will be applied to a dress purchase on the day of the appointment or refunded as long as the bride shows up for the rescheduled appointment and/or cancels outside of 48 hours from the new appointment. This policy still stands even if your appointment is booked within 48 hours of its start time. The fee also applies for ANY cancellation reason to be fair to all brides, as we cannot choose when to implement it. Therefore any cancellation within 48 hours of the appointment holds this refundable reschedule fee. 

We haven’t been a boutique that wants to charge for appointments, but with the increased volume we have experienced many fully booked Saturdays dwindle to 1 – 2 appointments with the rest unable rebook on short notice. Unfortunately this is not sustainable as a business and we do have to ensure we are providing every opportunity to meet our brides needs. Holding the appointment for one bride stops another bride from being able to book for their special day. Since we are a smaller store and can only accept one appointment at a time it is extremely difficult to fill those empty appointments and truly affects the business as a whole. 

We love our brides and truly hate to have to enforce a fee to rebook, but sadly this past year has made this new policy necessary. We cannot permit fully booked Saturdays to fall to 1 – 2 appointments or worse no appointments and we can’t rebook them. That is not sustainable as a business that is by appointment only. 

We hope this new policy will help our brides be more vigilant about canceling and we won’t have to move to a booking fee to book an appointment across the board — this is something we only do for promotional events or specialty trunk shows and we don’t want to make it a standard, but we will have to consider it if this new cancellation policy doesn’t help us keep the last minute cancellations to a minimum. 

We are by Appointment Only

If you would like to come visit us whether you are looking for a specific dress, wanting to try on anything including accessories, gowns, bridesmaid gowns, etc, please use our online scheduler to do so!