Champagne Consignment

Champagne Taste works hard to find a wide-selection of designer, silhouettes, and sizes that will appeal to the modern, pricy-savvy bride. Our highly-trained staff creates a world-class customer service experience for all of our clients, whether in our fitting room, on our social media sites, or in our virtual boutique. Our extensive marketing and networking efforts will help sell your gown faster and for a higher price point than what you can do on your own.

Your time is want to sell a gown but don’t want to deal with the work of finding and contacting potential buyers. And once that is accomplished, where do you meet them, where do you plan a fitting? Most are reluctant to meet in a strangers home, and the alternative of trying on a bridal gown in the restroom of Starbucks or Panera is a tragedy waiting to happen.

If you are interested in getting your gown sold quickly and easily, Champagne Taste is the right place. Though there is no guarantee for resale, we certainly do our best to find the perfect bride! 

PRIOR TO scheduling your appointment, please send over the designer name, style number and photos of your gown for approval to [email protected]If these items are not sent your appointment WILL be canceled. We must ensure the gown meets boutique criteria prior to any appointments. Also, please note that unfortunately we are NOT able to accept David’s Bridal or BHLD Brand gowns on consignment at this time — or any other similar self manufacturing company / online only retailer. Although the gown is probably beautiful, unfortunately DB gown’s (and similar retailers) change values far too often and we cannot guarantee the return on investment our consignors are looking for or fairness to our purchasing brides.

Can my dress be consigned?

If your dress meets the guidelines below, your dress is eligible to be consigned with us! Send over the pre-approval information and have one of our staff approve you for an appointment to further evaluate it’s eligibility and pricing at that on-site at your appointment. 

Consignment is like a partnership. You have a beautiful gown you either wore or didn’t wear and are looking to make some money back on it! So, you have you gown PRE-APPROVED via email and we let you know if we think it is something marketable to our brides. We want to be successful for you, so this pre-approval is important to complete PRIOR to scheduling an appointment. Once they sell, we split the selling price with you 50/50.

We do offer a 70/30 split for CTB brides bringing their gowns back or a gown that is no longer desired. 

Consignment appointments are available through our scheduler! HOWEVER, the potential consignor MUST send over the designer name, style number, condition and photos of the gown. If these items are not received at least 48 hours prior to the appointment, the appointment WILL be canceled. 

Unfortunately we do not. It is more likely that you will make more money on consignment than if an offer was even made.

When you consign with us, we are in working together and we want your item to sell just as much as you do! We will price your items as high as possible, as deemed by the value of the gown, yet still make them marketable. We are willing to hear your input on what you want for your dress to sell for and all the details about the costs involved to purchase the gown. We will also consider the available locations to purchase the gown and what price points those retailers are setting.

No. In order to pick up the dress it must have stayed the full duration. There will be a 25% of the sale price fee (50% of the commission lost) for early pick up. Also, there is an obligation to NOT continue selling the gown in other platforms or sources, as this confuses the marketplace. The gown should be sold either with CTB or on your own. 

Absolutely not! Bring in accessories, veils, jewelry and belts! We will be happy to take a look and see if it is something we think our store can sell! However, we do prefer to have a gown under consignment along with the accessories! 

No problem! We will apply an upfront fee of $225.00 at the time of signing and we will take care of the cleaning process and place the gown on consignment as soon as the cleaning is complete. There is a document you will need to sign to have this process completed, but other than that we will take care of the rest with our trusted vendors!

To consign with Champagne Taste Bridal there are no upfront costs. However, when the dress sells there is a 50/50 split on the sale. All pricing is negotiated at the time of the contract being signed.

This split is 70/30 for CTB bringing a gown back to us for resell or selling one no longer desired originally purchased from our boutique. 

If you consign with us, we do all the work and you’ll earn more money! You are leaving all the advertising, customer service, email blasts, shows, and providing the opportunity for the most publicity your items can get!

We find that with consignment though there is no guarantee for sale and it can take longer to sell the return on investment is usually higher. When selling on your own you are usually working with a minimum of 50% off retail because it is consumer – to – consumer instead of having a business – t0 – consumer experience where the bride has a resource for questions, future needs and other conversation opportunities. 

That is the best part. You don’t have to worry about it! We just send out the check! We have the item for six (6) months. If it sells during that time, you’ll receive your check in the mail! Be sure to update your mailing address so this mailing is accurate. You are welcome to check in on your gown at any time via email. We are not super pushy about gowns we accept on consignment because we are very particular about the marketability on the gown for potential sale. Therefore — our intentions are to sell the gown we will keep the gown up to 18 months to try to accomplish.

Your items are kept for six (6) months based on the initial contract. If it sells in the six (6) months awesome! You get a check in the mail! If it doesn’t we will continue to try to sell. It is the CONSIGNOR’s responsibility to keep the end of the contract date in mind. Please keep ALL inquires in email format. We also recommend extending your contract for 6 month timeframes up to 18 months. 

If your items are not selling and we feel it is time for the consignment opportunity to end we will reach out via email (this is rare since we are very particular). If you do not pick up your items or respond to us after being contacted within 7 days, the items will become the property of Champagne Taste Bridal. Basically stay in contact with us and all will run smoothly! 

We absolutely hope we can sell it within the contracted period, but unfortunately with bridal the gown has to be “THE ONE!” This means the gown may take longer than 6 months to sell. We will evaluate the interest that has been shown in the gown and see if re-listing for a 3 or 6 month extension is worth the additional time for you as the consignor!

We get this question all the time! We will absolutely do everything we can to keep the dress in the best condition. However, with brides trying the dress on sample wear and tear should be expected, just as it occurred when you bought your beautiful gown!

Prior to booking, the designer, style number, condition and photos of the gown must be sent to: [email protected]We unfortunately CANNOT accept David’s Bridal Gowns or similar retailers on consignment. After the gown is accepted for consignment, by email confirmation, an appointment can be made online for a date and time that works best for you! The consignment contract will be reviewed during your appointment, but the policies and info is listed here on the website for advance review. 

If an appointment is made and we do not receive the requested information the appointment will be canceled. In addition, we do NOT allow weekend drop offs. We also only allow one reschedule to be made after a last minute cancellation or no show. After one rescheduled appointment the item will have to be mailed in to us if you cannot keep your second appointment.  Our website scheduler is most accurate for availability for the consignment appointment type. 

We are by Appointment Only

If you would like to come visit us whether you are looking for a specific dress, wanting to try on anything including accessories, gowns, bridesmaid gowns, etc, please use our online scheduler to do so!