Maggie Sottero Designs Purchasing Policies

All orders are final sale and not returnable. Once the order is placed we CANNOT cancel the order and all payments made are NON-REFUNDABLE… any balanced owed must be paid in full and the gown must be transferred to your possession. It is then the bride’s responsibility to resell the gown to recoup the investment. We will retain a credit card on file for any gowns on a payment plan. All Rebecca Ingram gowns are priced by the Maggie Sottero company design and manufacturing team. These prices are non-negotiable and should remain relatively consistent across all boutiques. Most of the gowns are available bridal sizes 0 – 28. Some gowns have modifications based on sizing available for more or less coverage.

The size is based on the largest measurement on the body. The rest of the gown may require alterations to fit perfectly, but we would rather have enough material than not enough.

Champagne Taste Bridal is NOT responsible for weight gain, weight loss, pregnancy or changes in body measurements. The gown is typically ordered significantly in advance of the wedding and therefore it is pertinent that sizing remain consistent in order for the proper fit. Any planned weight loss or potential weight gain, can be discussed when ordering the gown. We will do our best to assist in choosing the perfect size, but we cannot guarantee accuracy of fit with planned or unplanned body changes.

Alterations are highly likely and are the responsibility of the bride. Regardless of where the gown is purchase, whether it is a brand new gown or an off-the-rack gown, alterations will most likely be required. Our team will measure the bride and discuss potential alterations in the boutique at the time of sale, but all alteration costs are priced separately by INDEPENDENT seamstresses that DO NOT work with directly our boutique.

If there are any questions about how a gown will fit, the cost of alterations or if alterations are possible, please consult your consultant prior to purchasing the gown. We are happy to request a quote in advance, BUT we are not responsible for the cost after choosing to purchase the gown without a pre-consultation or alteration quote.

Alterations and alteration costs are the sole responsibility of the bride, as our boutique DOES NOT offer onsite alterations. We can recommend many qualified, yet INDEPENDENT, seamstresses to help make your gowns fit perfectly!

Typically ordered gowns are paid in full at the time of sale, however, we know this isn’t always easy! In effort to assist, we can offer a payment plan option. At least 50% of the gown’s retail price point MUST be paid PRIOR TO ORDERING.

From there we can split the rest of the payments over a 2 month time period. We reserve the right to retain a credit card on file to charge on a set day for the payment plan.

The gown must be paid 100% in FULL prior to picking up. Please note we suggest allowing 3 – 6 months for any alteration needs, especially in peak season, and for accessory and shoe selection.

Overall, the sale is FINAL. Meaning even if you change your mind during the payment plan process, the gown must still be paid for in full. We suggest using the gown for a reception gown, consigning with us or selling through online methods.

The gowns are always a set price point, but there are various accommodations and extra offerings the Rebecca Ingram line offers! Some of the additional options include:

Extra Hem Lace
Extra Beads
Extra Buttons
Extra Lace/Material
Hollow To Hem 3 or 5 inches shorter
Detachable Hem (easier for alterations)
Rush Fees/Rush Shipping
Accessories Shown in Photos (i.e Veils, Trains, Belts, Boleros)

All of these items are subject to additional costs and can be discussed in detail with your consultant.
It is important not to assume the gowns will arrive all in the same timeframe. If a delivery date has been discussed for one gown, it may not be the same for other styles from the same designer. The delivery dates are estimated and we DO NOT guarantee a specific date for arrival. We are at the liberty of the designer and their shipping schedule. We add a buffer to most of the gowns, so there is a chance the gown could arrive early, but for the most part it will arrive in the month we state on your invoice. Delays are possible, however they are rare. We strive to pad ship dates to avoid delays in pick-up. We also have access to “In-Stock with the Designer” which means the gown can arrive to us in 2 – 7 weeks ( the fastest form of shipping). If this is an option we will offer it, but the gown can only be ordered in REGULAR length.

Champagne Taste Bridal is not responsible for a designer’s decision to discontinue a style, color or accessory. Also, keep in mind each gown is made to order, so slight variations in color, lace pattern, length, fit or other features may be slightly swayed, but overall the gown should be similar to the stock style tried on.

This is the sole decision of the vendor. Please inquire with our boutique prior to purchasing, so our team can ensure the gown will meet your desired standards and wedding timeline.

During your appointment the consultant will verify availability and ship dates. We ask that you leave at LEAST 4-8 months from your wedding date to ensure timely delivery for alterations, but preferably 6-12 months. Your gown will be ordered the moment it is paid in Full OR if on a contracted payment plan, the moment 50% has been paid. Your consultant will discuss current stock availability, as presented by the vendor, ship dates and overall timeline. Any fees for shipment, accessories, extra add-on packages or other gown related fees will be discussed and handled accordingly.

The gown will be shipped to the boutique for pick-up. If the gown needs to be shipped to the bride directly there will be a $35 fee for US based brides.

THIS INFORMATION IS BASED SOLELY ON THE INFORMATION PROVIDED BY THE VENDOR. IF THIS INFORMATION CHANGES YOU WILL BE CONTACTED AND UPDATED. CHAMPAGNE TASTE BRIDAL IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR CHANGES THE VENDOR MAKES TO YOUR ORDER OR TIMELINE. WE WILL DO OUR BEST TO KEEP YOU AS INFORMED AS POSSIBLE! Each screen or model may represent details, coloring, material and the structure of the gown differently. If you are unsure of any of these factors, please consultant your consultant PRIOR to ordering. Once the gown arrives we are not responsible for a change of heart.


We are by Appointment Only

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