HitchSwitch makes changing your name easier than ever! When our owner was looking into changing her name after marriage HitchSwitch made understanding the process SO MUCH easier! Truly affordable solutions! 

How does HitchSwitch Work?
The HitchSwitch system takes the basic information you submit online to autofill the forms you’ll need to change your name. 
Along with these autofilled forms, they will provide a set of instructions that explain how to complete and how to submit each of the provided applications. Since they don’t collect sensitive information (i.e. Social, Passport number, Driver’s License number), they indicate which fields still require your attention and where to sign and date. 
For any steps that can be submitted in the mail, HitchSwitch will include the address to which the application needs to be sent. Their goal is to take the mystery out of this process – with their help you won’t need to worry about where to start, which forms you’ll need, how to fill out those forms, which order to submit the applications, what to include when submitting, where to submit, etc.

 What You Will Receive

Everything you’ll need to change your name:
  • Social Security
  • Passport
  • Driver’s License
  • Loyalty Programs
  • Voter Registration
  • TSA/Global Entry
  • Credit Cards
  • and much more...

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